The Slovak National Museum in Bratislava is currently showing photography by Pavol Socháň. Born in 1862, Pavol was an ethnographer, photographer, writer, playwright, painter and filmmaker. He devoted his entire life to the culture of ethnography and folklore, gathering costumes, embroidery and ceramics.

During his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich he began to engage in photography. Later, after returning to Slovakia he opened his own studio. His photographs were mostly ethnographic in nature, they were usually portraits, pictures of folk costumes, photographs of everyday life and traditions. Among the photographs, we can find images that represent modern, urban and industrial architecture. Most of his photographs were created between 1890 – 1912. It is significant that Sochan did not follow prevailing trends and always kept a realistic perspective on his work.

The exhibition shows his entire artistic career. Visitors can find photographs of his family, student life, theatre pieces, sections of his editorial work, photographs of his journey to the United States and some of his ethnographic collections. The exhibition culminates in large reproductions of his photographic work.

Pavol Socháň’s photography exhibition continues to be shown at the Slovak National Museum in Bratislava until 15th September.

More information about his life and work can be found in the exhibition catalogue by Dany Lackova.

Source:  Slovak National Museum website

Written by  Edyta Wojciechowska
Translated by United Creativity

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