Norman Wong‘s exhibition for Arts & Crafts 10 year anniversary opened on Thursday, May 23  and run until Saturday, June 15 at 1093 Queen St. W. (Unit 2), and will also show at Field Trip Music & Arts Festival and the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival. (…)

Bizarre Beyond Belief: As a photographer who began to work primarily as a hobbyist, when did you realize that this would lead into a lucrative career path?

Norman Wong: It was definitely Elmer Olsen and his team (Richard Campbell and Ryan Greenwood at the time) who really started to push me towards the career I have now. Elmer runs one of the best modeling agencies in the country, and he definitely pushed me to realize that what I do can turn into a wonderful career!


BBB: Working with both the fashion industry and the music industry, how does your approach to the subject differentiate?

NW: Fashion is a little trickier because it serves a purpose and an objective: to show garments. It’s a fine balance you have to dance with when working with fashion clients, between finding the right vibe or mood that works with the objective. On the other hand, music is all about the vibe and mood and it’s about the artist or band. This is speaking from my experiences working in Toronto, it’s a different story elsewhere.

Full interview can be read at Bizarre Beyong Belief.