VIENNAFAIR The New Contemporary – October 2–5, 2014


Jubilee with a concept for the future On the occasion of its ten-year jubilee edition Austria’s largest fair for contemporary art convenes the most important domestic galleries and a selection of internationally established and emerging galleries from the Western and Eastern hemispheres. A marketplace for art and artistic ideas, VI- ENNAFAIR The New Contemporary once again features the participation of local and international institutions this year, creating a one-of-a-kind artistic climate in the city … Read More →

How to Make Your Living Room Artistic

When we think about the living room, the first thing that comes to mind are the countless memories that we make with our loved ones by spending thousands of hours together in that familiar space. The living room allows us to socialize and relax with the people we care about and of course, entertain various guests. Thus, your living room can be labelled as the most important room in the … Read More →

25 Professional Photography Tips for Better Photos

professional photography 5

As technology continues to progress each and every year, photographers find they have even more tools at their disposal to capture creative photos. On both a professional and amateur level, photography can be an amazing outlet for creativity. To create the better photos, most photographers feel as though the best materials are needed, but this is not always the case. If you simply get back to basics, you can easily … Read More →

Sculpture company Rapid Art looks to the future

Relief 003 (Copy)

Rapid Art epitomises fine art in it’s purest, hand-crafted form. The company specialises in casting and creating bronze sculpture. As well as casting from existing forms, they also commission projects from scratch; conception through to the finished bronze. Their processes are steeped in tradition but they also embrace the latest technology, providing sculpture enlargement services as well as 3D scanning and replication. I was particularly impressed with some of their … Read More →

MadeCloser provides unique interior decoration products with an ethical twist

Made Closer Vinyl Art

It is always refreshing to come across a company that not only sells great interior decoration products but more importantly has an ethical approach to business. MadeCloser is an online store where customers can buy any goods that are originally manufactured within their own area. The option to buy products from a local business is not only practical but is also inspiring to see what local industry has to offer … Read More →

Unusual Art: Why Mixed Media Makes For the Best Murals


When you think about murals, you probably picture a talented artist using paint to create a masterpiece. But thanks to certain trends in modern art, paint isn’t the only material being used to create truly great works. Mixed media has become increasingly popular, particularly for large art displays and murals. It makes sense—whether made from a variety of drawing mediums, stitching and even fish hooks, mixed art media murals are … Read More →