An Aldous Huxley novel provides the starting point for a diverse show of contemporary art


The exhibition Island opened on 11th October. Constructed as multiple, unfolding chapters, of a novel the show captures various moments in Aldous Huxley’s novel from 1962, somewhat a counterpart to A Brave New World  written thirty years earlier. In the enclavic and psychic setting of Pala new criteria for “value” lie in harmony, personal  fulŸllment, arts, architecture and the imagination. Ecentric solutions are found to old social problems, one regulator … Read More →

Calling all creative designers!


A brand new online shop will have its launch on 31st October. Niiche is an online retailer dedicated to offering independent designers all they need to become successful. With great sales tools, marketing research and knowledge Niiche is a perfect partner for all those who create original, design-led products. Customers are ensured that all items on will be stylish and unique as the work is handpicked by fashion and … Read More →

Water Tower Art Fest

water tower art fest

Water Tower Art Fest is a show dedicated to free exchange of ideas and collaborations between artists form different nations.The idea behind this show is provoked by the last UK press prediction of mass immigration in 2014 by Bulgarians and Romanians with allowed work permit. UK based Bulgarian artists will show their work at this artist run initiative. Water tower art fest is the biggest event with its 7 years history in … Read More →

Frieze Talks at Frieze London 2013


  The 11th edition of Frieze London, the leading international contemporary art fair, takes place in London’s Regent’s Park from 17–20 October 2013. Frieze London brings 152 of the world’s leading contemporary galleries to the UK this October. The fair is housed in a bespoke temporary structure designed by architects Carmody Groarke to provide the best conditions for showing and viewing art. Additions to last year’s participants include: Blum & … Read More →