New Wave Photography is a unique exhibition bringing together the brightest talents in contemporary photography from across Central and Eastern Europe. The 2012 exhibition presented work from the finest young photographers, showing over forty creative photographs from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.

The images demonstrated Central and Eastern European Photography as it exists today; a young generation of photographers expressing personal visions and insights into their cultures.

The New Wave Photography exhibition was shown at The Crypt Gallery, London 18 – 26 February 2012.


Peter Cibak
Lili Zoe Ermezei
Viola Fatyol
Svetoslav Ivanov
Lilyana Karadjova
Katarzyna Niedzwiecka
Monika Stacho
Alexandra Vacaroiu
Cristina Venedict
Adela Vosickova
Aleksander Warzecha