It has been in the salons, on the catwalks and currently you can find the dip-dye trend in interior decor.  Everything from furniture to accessories, this interior trend has something to suit everyone.  (Unlike the salon trend which trust me is not for everyone!)

If you are more confident in decorating then you could all out with some dip-dye wallpaper, consider using it on all the walls rather than just on a feature wall, this will give a great overall impact.  I like the idea of using it in a hallway and up the stairs.  For a simpler and more cost effective way of adding this trend to your home, look at adding some cushions to the sofa or some utensils for your kitchen.

Dip - Dye design

My top buys on this trend have to be the Saraille Wallpaper from Rockett St. George available in four fabulous colour ways; yellow, aqua blue, cobalt blue and a gorgeous pink/purple in the crocus colour.  You could pick up some dipped kitchen utensils from Rose and Grey.  Make the essentials in your home just as fun as the rest.

The other things I love about this trend are the possibilities of DIY.  Either for the expert or beginner you will be able to do this.  A great idea if you have some wooden furniture that needs updated without the cost of replacing or those plain bed sheets that need a new lease of life!

Let’s have a look at a few simple ways you can do this yourself.

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Make sure the piece of furniture has been wiped down so it is clean from any grease, as this will help the paint stick better.

Say you choose to do some chairs.  Decide whether you want the bottom of the chair legs to be painted and the rest stay wooden or vice versa.

Mark with some good masking tape around the leg where you will paint above or below.

You may need primer paint before your chosen colour and you may need one or two coats of paint to give the best effect, but remember to leave a few hours in between coats for the paint to fully dry.

Carefully peel away the masking tape when the top coat is dry and you are all done!

You could even do this on photo frames or framed mirrors.




If you have some plain white bedding or cushion covers, you can easily give them a new lease of life with some dip-dying.  Make sure you have some rubber gloves (we are dip dying our cushions not ourselves), an apron or old paint clothes, your chosen fabric dye (check individual packet instructions as each brand can be different) and an old bucket.

Make sure your fabric is clean but still damp before you start.

Mix up the dye (as per packet instructions) and decide how much of the fabric you want to colour.

If you fold the fabric to fit in the bucket the colour will still spread quite evenly where you want it.

My dye required stirring for 15miniutes then occasional stirring for another 45minutes.  As I was only dying half the fabric I didn’t stir, but i did keep dipping the fabric in and out of the dye.  So for a fraction of the costs, but with a little more time this is what you get.


I love the sense of achievement from a piece you have done yourself, but be careful to wash separately the first few times so you only add that personal touch to the items you want to.


Written by Guest Blogger Lindsay Ross @ InspireDecors