It is always refreshing to come across a company that not only sells great interior decoration products but more importantly has an ethical approach to business. MadeCloser is an online store where customers can buy any goods that are originally manufactured within their own area. The option to buy products from a local business is not only practical but is also inspiring to see what local industry has to offer in regions across the UK. MadeCloser supports businesses that have a real integrity for their products and economic growth of their local area in mind.

John Palaguta-Iles, founder of MadeCloser says that customers  ‘get to buy products that are all made closer to them, with transparency that gives the customer the information they rightly deserve, in order that they can make an informed decision as to where they spend their money.

‘In 2011, it is estimated that approximately 90% of Christmas presents were manufactured in China. This year, next year and in the future… wouldn’t it be nice if 90% of Christmas presents originate from within our own continent?

In addition to this ethical approach, MadeCloser gives two-thirds of their net profits to charity.

Floral Print

The products reflect the quality and creativity of the manufacturer. I was particularly intrigued by  their Homeware and Interior decoration ideas. Typographic vinyl art is something that really distinguishes living spaces. I was always under the impression that artwork such as this would be handcrafted. MadeCloser provides ready-made vinyl art that can be applied to any flat wall space. They also sell some striking watercolour floral prints that are ideal for any space.

Made Closer Vinyl Art

As well as Interior decoration ideas, MadeCloser sells an array of products, from musical instruments to jewellery and watches. It is clear that UK businesses are catching on and are keen to supply MadeCloser with the very finest locally made products.

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