Rapid Art epitomises fine art in it’s purest, hand-crafted form. The company specialises in casting and creating bronze sculpture. As well as casting from existing forms, they also commission projects from scratch; conception through to the finished bronze. Their processes are steeped in tradition but they also embrace the latest technology, providing sculpture enlargement services as well as 3D scanning and replication.


I was particularly impressed with some of their one-off commissions. One such project was based entirely on a photograph of a client’s dog. The level of detail  really captures the dog’s personality, immortalising it in solid bronze. I was equally impressed by one of their trophy projects which was based on a simple line drawing. The final sculpture really progresses the original idea and proves how much Rapid Art values their clients wishes.


Rapid Art have expertise in 3D scanning techniques. Below we can see a scanned marble relief sculpture which is being prepared for scanning. The resulting image allows them to replicate the original sculpture in it’s entirety. The relief is scanned on location and then transferred onto computer where is it retouched and modelled so it can be refined for CNC cutting (computer numerical control). An automated process whereby machines cut the relief into a high density foam.

Relief 001

Here is the finished foam replication which is then prepared to be moulded in resin.

Relief 002 (Copy)

The Resin replica is then treated to create a marble finish. Despite it’s resin content the final relief is brilliantly realised. It has a dense look to it which superbly replicates marble.

Relief 003 (Copy)

Rapid Art compliments their work by providing additional services such as patina and finishing. Once a bronze has been completed it can be treated with chemicals to create a colour finish which is then selected by the client. It refreshing to see such refined fine art techniques being made into affordable masterpieces.

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All images are courtosy of Rapid Art.