As technology continues to progress each and every year, photographers find they have even more tools at their disposal to capture creative photos. On both a professional and amateur level, photography can be an amazing outlet for creativity. To create the better photos, most photographers feel as though the best materials are needed, but this is not always the case. If you simply get back to basics, you can easily take amazing photos that will please not only clients but yourself! Below are a few tips to help you take better photos this year.

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Practice makes Perfect

You know the old saying ‘practice makes perfect’? This is certainly true. To become good at anything one must practice. So even if you have only a few minutes, shoot photos every day. You will be able to experiment with settings on your camera, angles and even lighting to determine what works best for your.

Use the Light

Light is essential for photography and you must learn to use this advantage. Natural light and artificial can work well as long as you see the light and learn how to use it. Take a look at your subject and determine how you can use the light to make a creative photo.


Sometimes the most unforgettable photography is a close-up of the subject. Do not be afraid to get in close for an intimate action shot.

Daytime Flash

The flash feature is not only for nighttime and indoors. Try using the flash to force more light on to the subject of your photo so you have a better exposure.

Permission to Shoot?

Do not forget to ask permission before you take someone’s photograph. This is simple etiquette that will get you far in the photography business.

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Make’em Laugh

Don’t forget to be silly. A funny joke or face will get the best natural reaction from your subject.

Learn your camera

Do not forget to learn how your camera works. Reading the manual will help you learn the different settings which is essential!

Online Resources

Use online resources such as Pinterest or Light Republic for photography ideas.


Learning is fundamental and reading books on photography can help you up your game!

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Slow Down

During a shoot, do not forget to slow down and truly look at the subject. Do not get lost in taking photos to forget to see the beauty of your subject.

Light source

Make sure the light source you are using is behind the subject or beside so you can create an interesting shot.


Do not forget to frame the subject so that you can make the subject the star of the photo. This can easily be done with nature or manmade elements.

Stay on Task

If you are working for a client, remember to stay on task and be on time!


It is also good to remember to be present in the moment. Engage with the subject.

Battery Prepared

It is also wise to be battery prepared. Be sure that your camera batteries are charged or new so that you are ready to shoot!

Join a community

Find a photography community you enjoy and join. This can be online or in real life but you can make great friends and find out even more great tips!

Keep your camera

Always keep your camera with you; this will help you to be ready to shoot when you are inspired.

Evening hour

During the evening time, when the sun is setting, can be the perfect time to shoot. Do not forget this perfect time and certainly take advantage of it!

Background Aware

While shooting, be aware of the background. An unexpected person or thing can totally ruin the shot.

Holding the camera

It is also important to hold the camera properly. The lens needs to be supported with your hand cupping it from underneath and is usually done the left hand. The right hand is then used to hold the body.


Be sure that you and the subject relax so the photos are natural.


Inspiration is all around you. Try shooting different things to determine what inspires you.


Be patient with your subject and yourself. Even if the day is not going as it should, you can still take great photos!

Rule Breaker

Do not be afraid to follow the rules, you may be surprised at what you can come up with.

Have fun

Overall, remember to have fun. You love photography so make sure you are enjoying yourself!

All images courtesy of Light Republic.